Manufacturing Quality


Our objective is to carry ASGE METAL to higher positions in the global steel industry by working hard to maintain and improve the already existed high quality of DECORINOX products. In accordance with this purpose, ASGE METAL focuses its energy solely on producing and marketing decorative stainless steel. We acknowledge that this is the only way to offer the best product and service to our business partners.

We process 304 and 430 alloy types of BA and 2B surface finishes stainless steel in Istanbul. ASGE METAL manufactures DECORINOX products in Turkey and exports it to foreign markets. By this way we contribute to economy of our country, increase production variety of the industry and improve the brand reputation “Made in Turkey”.

In this respect we are working hard to maintain customer satisfaction at all time. Additionally, we care about working conditions and training of our employees and we are aware of our environmental responsibilities.